The Journal of the
Cambridge University
Caving Club

Editor: Anthony Day


EditorialAnthony Day2
The President's Bit 1994/95Anthony Day3
The President's Excuse 1995/96Steve Bellhouse6
In Defence of CavingPaul Hammond9
All Smooth Speleologists: Knit Your Own BeardDuncan's Mum9
A Very Short ExCS BitAdam Cooper10
Expo '94Anthony Day11
From Expo Novice to Expo Leader: The Tale of My Decline Steve Bellhouse15
Tale of an American Wrinklie on Expedition in AustriaBob Bloodworth17
The Curse of EXPO 1994Kate Janossy19
Expo '95Steve Bellhouse22
Big Blue Rustbucket: European Tour of Self Destruction, 1995Anthony Day26
Canyonning Made EasyJulian Todd33
Ireland, Easter '95Duncan Collis38
Hungary '95Kate Janossy40
Gorging in the Pyrenees - A Recipe for Summer 1995Sam Lieberman45
Caving in Thailand and Other ThingsHelen Twelftree50
Spleunkers Ahoy! Caving in the US of ARebecca Lawson55
Ice-Climbing for OuigeesRebecca Lawson58
Sud AmericanoMark McLean59
Mallorca '95Steve Bellhouse and DUncan Collis60
Taking Expo Bullshit into the 21st CenturyAndy Waddington61
History of SurvexWookey63
An Innovative cave Lighting SystemDuncan Collis & Anthony Day67
The Battlewagon - an ObituaryMark McLean & Pete Lord69
Climbing Backwards into RustMark McLean73
Appendix: New Finds in Kaninchenhöhle74

Cover photograph:- "Salt Lake City" in Kaninchenhöhle, Totes Gebirge, Austria 1995. Steve Bellhouse is on flashgun duty [Photo: Andy Atkinson]

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