Cambridge Underground 1996 p 2

(or: "Why I think this journal is the dog's bollocks.")

Welcome to the latest instalment in the life and times of CUCC and ExCS. This is the second journal in succession which covers material for two years following the non-appearance of a journal the previous year, which probably raises biannual publication to the status of "tradition." However, the thickness of this volume suggests that annual publication should be feasible.

And what delights there are awaiting the reader: The antics (caving and otherwise) of CUCC and ExCS and individual members of both clubs are detailed, including our continuing work in Austria which yielded some of the most significant finds for many years. There are technical articles about the all new CUCC web site and Survex, tributes to two of the more comedic examples of CUCC crap transport, even a knitting pattern (a first for Cambridge Underground?) and much more besides. Inside the back cover you will find (drum roll please) A PLAN SURVEY OF KANINCHENHÖHLE!! Every line drawn with painstaking accuracy, every boulder meticulously traced and every "p30" label placed with loving care. Larger copies of this survey (on an A1 sheet) are available on request at a cost of £1 each.

Thanks are due to Sam Lieberman and Wookey who scanned in most of the pictures which are dotted around this journal, to Julian Haines at Scientific Generics for producing the front covers, and, of course, to everyone who contributed articles. I think they're all rather good, so I suggest you stop reading this bollocks and get on and read some of them.

Anthony Day
31 May 1996

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