Cambridge Underground 1996 p 10

A Very Short ExCS Bit

by Adam Cooper

Not a great deal happens club-wise at the moment, although members continue to be active in diverse pursuits. The advantage of all this not-happening is that subscriptions last an unfeasible period of time.

Dave Gibson still keeps the address list.
Mark Fearon and Adam Cooper occasionally produce a newsletter.
Tanya Savage has had some permits (we are subscribers to CNCC) and would love to get requests.
Julian Griffiths still has some tackle.

AND ExCS still provides a very cheap way of keeping in touch without trying.

ExCS Members List - provided by Dave Gibson.

NOTE: This list has not been maintained since Summer 1995. Contact Adam Cooper or Mark Fearon for latest recruits/addresses.

LAPSED = did not reply to Nicky's dinner newsletter in 1994, so expunged
NEW = never paid any money, so far as I know (there was, until recently, a subscriptions holiday)
JOINT = one half of a pair

Gavin Andrews - LAPSED
Andy Atkinson - NEW
Olly Betts - NEW
John Bowers
Dave/Theresa Brindle
Vic Brown
Charles Butcher
Alison Carey - JOINT
Andy/Caroline Connolly
Adam Cooper
Jim Cooper
Iain Crossley
Nicky Davies
Chris Densham
Brian Derby / Alison Carey
Andy Dolby
Mark Dougherty
Simon Farrow
Andrew Farrow
Mark Fearon
Dave Flatt
Doug Florence / Gail Smith
Richard Furlong
Clive George - NEW
David Gibson
John Gillett - LAPSED
Jo Greaney - JOINT
Julian/Naomi Griffiths
Julian Haines - NEW
Dave/Nikki Harrison
Bill(Andrew) Hawkswell
David Hayes
John Heathcote
Dr.James Hickson
Seb Holland - NEW
Simon Kellet
Juliette Kelly - NEW
Pete Lancaster
Fran Lane - NEW
Becca Lawson
Rod/Carole Leach - LAPSED
Joe Lenartowicz
Sam Lieberman - NEW
John Liebeschuetz - LAPSED
Dan Mace / Penny Reeves - NEW
Tony Malcolm
Mike Martin
Mark McLean - NEW
Ursula Mead
Jenny Moss
James Newell / Sally Churcher
Andrew Nichols
Michael/Julia Perryman
Mike Richardson/Tina White
Steve Roberts
Derek Robinson
Jeremy/Christine Rodgers
Tony/Gill Rooke - NEW
Mark Russell
Philip/Margot Sargent
Tanya Savage - NEW
Mark Scott
Chris/Sue Sharman
Mike Shearme
Gail Smith - JOINT
William Stead - LAPSED
Mike Thomas
Nick/Helen Thorne
Julian Todd
Phil/Sue Townsend
Pat Trelogan - LAPSED
Jack/Muff Upsall
Ben/Liz Van Millingen
Andy Waddington
Patrick Warren / Jo Greaney
Jared West
Clive Westlake
Tina White - JOINT
Tess Jones & Wookey
Geoff Wyss

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