Cambridge Underground 1996 p 9

All Smooth Speleologists: Knit Your Own Beard

by Duncan's Mum

Colour of your own choice.

Use double knitting wool and a pair of no. 8 pins (4mm)

Cast on 2 st.
K 2rows.
Inc. 1 st. at each end of every row until there are 60 sts.
K 20 K 2 tog. turn K to end of row.
K 19 K 2 tog. turn K to end of row.
K 18 K 2 tog. turn K to end of row.
Continue in garter stitch until work is long enough to reach ear lobe.
With R S facing.
Cast off 13 st. continue in garter st. until work when slightly stretched will extend up and around ear to join the cast off sts.
cast off.
cast off 16 sts. from centre of work and complete left hand side of garment to match right hand side.

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