The Journal of the
Cambridge University Caving Club

Editor: Mike Perryman


EditorialMike Perryman2
The President's BitGeoff Wyss3
The Ribblehead SystemAndrew Nichols and Rob Shackleton5
Black Keld RisingRob Shackleton16
Birks Wood CaveJulian Griffiths28
Impressions of YorkshireNick Thorne32
Amalgam Pot34
The Feminine TouchJulia Kostelnyk36
Eire 1976Andy Waddington38
Austria 1976The Leaches43
Odds and Sods in WharfedaleJulian Griffiths54
British SpeleothemsJohn Heathcote56
A Photoflash DeviceGeoff Wyss66
Members 1976 - 197768

Cover photograph:- Rising Mirth, Middle Scar Cave, Ribblehead System

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