Cambridge Underground 1977 pp 34-35


Although many people have written off Pennine Underground and its classic potholes with regard to discoveries, members of CUCC have found one major pothole in this book. A discovery hitherto unpublished, this pot is believed to link with several major systems in the area; some 37 other caves and potholes are connected to it.

AMALGAM POT, Craven Area S.S.P.

alt. 525 feetDepth 525'
N.G.R, SD 782806Length 6 miles
First descended August 1895, E.A.Martel.

A very arduous and dangerous cave and pothole. In notable clump of trees above Top Farm. Large cave mouth into which, in wet weather, River Nidd flows. Pot can only be descended when surface stream has been diverted.

First pitch can be done on 110 feet handline, belayed to large rock, after climbing waterfall where former stream bed has been diverted by concrete dam, If dam is not in order, sack required.

Descend boulders in huge chamber, 150 feet long and 100 feet wide, the second longest in England, containing innumerable stalagmites (like tombstones). Passsage, 1050 feet, descends to crawl in stream. Deep pool has duck (enlarged by explosives), then very narrow, tortuous rift passage (made possible by hammering away projections); should only be attempted by thin and experienced potholers. Passage to be done backwards due to tightness at head of pitch. Squeezing through the slit entrance requires two persons and extra handline. Complete absence of handholds. The 280 feet pitch is broken by ledges 80 feet and 170 feet down. After 200 feet there is a ledge, holds three men.

From this point extra care must be taken, as the wnole place is a mass of loose boulders. Every man must make himself safe. Carefully climb over fault breccia on left of ladder at foot of gully while lifelined. After 150 feet too narrow to follow forward. There is a very narrow crevice leading off which might be possible for very slim people.

Strenuous pothole, only to be done in fine and settled weather. Ladders must be carefully folded to be taken through. A good test for cavers. Note - Entrance forms a 'V', the bottom being syphon passage and floods in 15 minutes. The cave floods frequently filling most passages to the roof.

Bones of female found 700' from entrance.


Note - Iron ladders no longer in position
Apply Cave Guide , Clapham
At time of publication is silted up

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