CUCC expeditions to Norway 1956-1963

The club committee minutes book shows much discussion on the idea of the club running an expedition to find caves abroad in the fifties, and eventually an area of Norway was picked for the first trip in 1956. Although the only literature reference I've traced so far for 1957 turns out to be another write-up of the 1956 trip, it's clear from the 1958 write up that this was the third successive trip. It's unfortunate that we don't yet have any report of the 1957 trip on the site.

1961 saw a return to Norway, with an entirely new set of people, the principal motivator being the late David Heap, who subsequently became much involved with trips to Norway, though not under the aegis of CUCC.

The 1963 "expedition" turns out to be a brief visit by two people, only one of them being from CUCC, who was in the area for ten weeks with the Cambridge Svartisen Expedition (not a caving expo).

So far, not all the old reports have been traced and scanned, but on the site so far are:

There is a list of all known participants in these expeditions.

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