CUCC members and guests in Norway 1956-1963

Don't run away with the idea that this is complete, although I believe it is OK for the expeditions it deals with. Current evidence seems to suggest that there were just four expeditions under the auspices of CUCC - in 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1961. The one write-up I have actually obtained, that appears as 1957 in Norway expedition bibliographies, is actually a later article relating to the 1956 trip. However, the write up of the 1958 trip makes it clear that the 1957 trip did indeed occur. The 1963 trip was merely a brief visit by two people - hardly qualifying for the term "expedition".

C.M. Ainger63
M. Duerden (Caius)56
I. Paul Dyson (Trinity)56
Lindsey Greenbank61
Blad Hansen61
David Heap61
Tom Holden61
Dai A. Jenkins (Jesus)58
Roger Jones61
Richard J. Kirkland (Trinity)56
Titch Mercer61
J. Dave Morris (Trinity)56
Arthur Morton61
G'yula Pal'yi63
G. Peckham58
K. Renwick58
Tony Roberts61
P. Scott58
J.P. Smith (Jesus)58
Bill J. Spowage (Pembroke)56
Ian Standing61
Wilf. F. Theakstone (Jesus)56
R. Tudway58
Oliver C. Wells (Trinity)56

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