Cambridge Underground 1983 p 2


Becky Ward

This year has been remarkable for the spread of CUCC's activities across the globe. When you look at the amount of travelling people did this year, it's almost surprising any caving got done at all. But it did get done, and what's more it got written about (even more surprisingly) and the result you hold in your sweaty paw. Good luck to all who sail in her.

Editing this would have been impossible, or very unpleasant, without:
The contributors - thanks, especially those who sent contributions on time;
The slave typists; mainly Philip Sargent and Mark Hunter;
The computer (Phoenix) and the people who know how to deal with it - thanks again Philip, and many thanks to Mike Richardson and Steve Crawley; also Andy Waddington, who produced the 115 survey (eventually) and everyone who helped collate, bind, etc.

The survey of 115 is such a masterpiece that we felt a journal of this format just couldn't do it justice. So, this year, as a special bonus, we're producing a limited edition of poster sized copies of both the plan and the elevation (each on AO size paper). These, and the journals, will be available by post from

c/o Dr. James Hickson,
Pembroke College,

This is also the club's pemanent address. For God's sake buy the blasted things, because, as usual, producing a journal has strained the club's financial resources (the president's bank account) and posters are yet another burden. The price of these works of art will be a mere £3-OO per A0 sheet, for a very high quality print. Hurry, hurry, a bargain like that can't last.

The more observant among you may notice that we've included some advertising this year - this will hopefully continue next year as it results in cheaper journals which must be a Good Thing - anyone wishing to advertise in next year's Cambridge Underground should also write to the above address. I think that's all I can think of to say. Oh dear, it's all to do with money, I do look mercenary.

Oh, just one more thing. On page 37 of this slim volume you will find a quiz on caving in literature. Replies to next year's editor (NOT me) at the above address please. The first correct answer received will win a mystery prize. This competition is not open to J. C. Butcher or his relations. Answers in next year's journal.

Right, I'm fed up with editorials now. Hope you enjoy it.


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