Cambridge Underground 1984 p 37

Answers to Last Year's Quiz

Where is McDougal's Cave -
somewhere in "Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain
Who Visited Eldon -
Defoe in "A Tour through the whole Island of Great Britain"
..and Wells -
Defoe as above
Who had a dig going -
Mole in "The Wind in the Willows"
Who was nearly eaten in a cave -
Odyseus in "The Aeneid"
Who lived in a hole -
Bilbo Baggins in "The Hobbit"
Who got lost -
from "Three Men in a Boat" at Hampton Ct. Maze
Who said -
Bruce Bedford in "Challenge Underground"
Whose door -
Smaug's door on The Lonely Mountain in "The Hobbit"
Who else got lost -
from "A Passage to India" by E.M. Forster
Who made a pilgrimage to a cave -
Bruce Chatwin in "In Patagonia"
Who compiled -
Roget in his Thesaurus
Who discovered a fairly large underground pitch -
Alice in "Through the Looking Glass"
Who came out of a cave at night -
Dante in "The Inferno"
Who ate too much underground -
Winnie the Pooh

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