The Journal of the
Cambridge University Caving Club

Editor: Mike Perryman


EditorialMike Perryman2
The President's BitSimon Farrow3
Birks Wood / RedmireJulian Griffiths6
Fold PotAndrew Nichols11
Goyden PotRob Shackleton12
Odds & Sods NorthRob Shackleton17
The Littlewood LapsusMike Perryman18
America 1977Nick Reckert21
The Hardware SceneNick Thorne23
Austria 1977Assorted Persons30
Geriatric's ReportRod Leach31
Enthusiast's ReportNick Reckert35
Youth's ReportAndy Waddington39
The Loser PlateauNick Reckert44
Other Caving (Austria)Mike Perryman46
Members 1977-78Andy Waddington49

Cover photograph: Jont Leach at the entrance to Bräuninghöhle (82), Loser Plateau, Austria

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