Vol 3 no. 9
The Journal of
Cambridge University Caving Club
and the
ExCambridge Speleologists

Editor: Francis Turner


President's BitJ Rodgers2
Committee Members3
Members of CUCC (1989-90)4
Austria Expedition 1989
Expedition DiaryD Mace5
The RescuesC Densham & R Lawson10
Description of 1623/161Wookey13
Summary of expedition finds 1976-198921
The 1989 Survey of KaninchenhöhleD Mace24
Underground CampingM Richardson25
The ExCS BitD Gibson26
ExCS Members27
Technical Articles
Cave RadioD Gibson28
Number of Turns Has No Effect On Loop Antenna PerformanceD Gibson35
Smaller Battery Can Improve Loop Antenna PerformanceD Gibson39
Random Errors in Cave Survey ProcessingA Waddington42
Letter to the EditorD Gibson44
Majorca Expedition 1989
Big Chamber hardly anywhere near the cavingD Robinson & Wookey45
The Gorge II - The ReturnWookey47
Not C.U.C.C. go to MajorcaP Reeves & D Mace51
Hop a Long goes cavingD Fearon55
A wild schuss down a very wide piste of ideasJ Kelly & D Robinson57
Cavers in Relation to Monkey Money (and other tails)J Todd59
The 1000 foot club63

Cover photograph:- CUCC getting down to some serious revision. (L to R: Olly, Del, Wookey, Damage, Francis, Julian, Juliette, Jeremy)
Taken by Mark F, developed and printed by Damage

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