Cambridge University Caving Club Publications

This area of the site is intended to contain everything published by or about CUCC, since its formation in 1949. This should include all editions of the club journal, latterly known as "Cambridge Underground", as well as reports of CUCC expeditions published elsewhere. This will include details of the club's explorations in the UK, exploratory expeditions to Norway, Greece, Cyprus, Cyrenaica and Ireland, plus many other places, as well as various thought-provoking articles and historical material. Below is a table of links to the contents pages of all issues of Cambridge Underground. All the articles therein can also be accessed through an author index, which also covers articles published elsewhere. An Alphabetical index (by region and by names of caves) is fairly complete and a subject index is in preparation but is currently just a place-holder page.

The Club's Austria expeditions are well documented in a separate part of the site, but where this includes material published on paper, there are full links from this area. We hoped that this material would be complete on the site (and maybe on a special celebratory CD-ROM) in time for the club's fiftieth anniversary in April 1999. However, work to make it possible for multiple people to update the site without undoing each others' work led to something of a hiatus, which we hope is now coming to an end.

Below is the most comprehensive list we have so far of CUCC's "quality" publications (ie. Journals, rather than single-sheet newsletters), mainly provided courtesy of Dave Gibson. The links are to the contents page of each journal the webmaster has got hold of. More will be added over time, with links to those articles on the site. So far the Journals for 1973-1996 are complete, along with most of the 1971 and 1972 editions. Expedition reports are complete from all the journals 1977-present, together with a number of "Classic" articles indexed below, after this main list.

Cambridge Underground

A few "Occasional Publications" of one sort or another have been (or will be) produced:

* Footnote1 : The cover of CU 1989 (Vol. 3 no. 8) actually says Vol. 3 no. 12

* Footnote 2: This is a little behind schedule and may well eventually appear as a 60th anniversary publication.

Some classic articles

Some club history

Now the amount of material represents a substantial proportion of all CUCC have ever published, we're expecting to provide proper indices by cave or place name and by subject area. There is already a full author index and a moderately complete index by region and cave name ... watch this space !

Austria expedition archive