CDG Newsletter 41, p 31

WEATHERCOTE CAVE, Chapel-le-Dale, Yorks. SD 739.776

CDG Newsletter 56, pp

WEATHERCOTE CAVE, Chapel-le-Dale, Yorks. SD 739.776

26th May, 1980
Diver: J.T. Griffiths.

Aim: to examine the sump at the end of Martel's passage, with a view to a connection with Jingle Pot.

The sump leads off under the left hand wall in a one metre high bedding. Laid 20 m of line in a SE direction before diver began to feel a little vulnerable, using only a 425 l. bottle. Bedding plane continued. Also dived a sump in the left hand wall of the same passage about 20 m back from the terminal sump. This was followed again for 20 m in a SE direction, presumably in the same bedding.

In dry weather there was little or no flow in these sumps, the main stream going down Hurricane Passage.


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