CDG Newsletter 49, p 25

THORNS DUB HOLE, Ribblehead, Yorks. SD 778.795

29th May, 1978
Diver: S.R. Perry

Previous dive by Frakes, 15.5.66, C.D.G.Review 1966-67:81

The sump was located at the end of a 30m canal. After 5m the passage dropped down a 10m pot to a steep gravel bank and a squeeze into a roomy rift passage (2 x 1.5m). The remaining 20m of line was laid into this. The diver then returned to base with the line.

25th June, 1978
Diver: S.R. Perry

Phil Buckberry kindly tied the line off just above the sump. The previous point (35m) was passed and the passage continued, widening and giving off rifts upward, the first two of which closed off. The first line reel was dumped at 70m (at about -15m) and another was tied on. Over the next 30m the passage rose to about 10m, then dropped again. It was now a wide 1m high bedding. Progress was between roof pendants. At 130m the line was tied off to a pendant. The empty line reel was collected on the way out.


CDG Newsletter 69, p 13

THORNS DUB HOLE, Ribblehead, Yorks. SD 778.795

Wednesday, 10th August, 1983
Diver: S.R.Perry

Previous dive: S.R.P. 130m into sump 1978, NL 49:25

The diver removed 60m of broken line, then layed 50m into the sump, past the squeeze. He did not reach the broken end of line upstream of this. New line removed.


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