CDG Newsletter 37, pp 12-13

LANCASTER HOLE, Casterton Fell, Westmorland SD 664.806

14th January 1975
Diver: R.J. Shackleton

Aim: To dive the static sump at the end of The Grind, in the lower levels of the "Earby '71" extensions.

Long and awkward carry to the sump. Using hand held kit and a base fed line, the diver entered the sump head first. The passage immediately degenerated into a body sized (approx. 36 in. wide x 18 in. high) muddy tube. After 50 ft. of slowly descending passage a sharp bend to the left was reached. The passage could be seen to continue for another 10 ft. to a second bend to the right. Whilst these bends could possibly have been negotiated, common sense prevailed and the diver reversed out in nil visibility. Not an experience to repeat!


CDG Newsletter 60, p 19

LANCASTER HOLE, Casterton Fell, Cumbria. SD 664.807

25th January 1981
Diver: J.T. Griffiths.

Aim:to dive the downstream sump in Skittle Alley.
This sump was dived in the early 1970s by Arculus, who reported no way on. I was unable to locate any account of his dive.

The sump is in a large rift and is about 2 m deep to a silt floor at the near end. This floor shelves off to 6 m towards the far end of the rift which eventually closes in completely with only one miserable inlet above water. A thorough search of the perimeter of the floor in nil visibility revealed no passable way on. The water seemed to disappear off down a narrow gap between the left hand wall and the silt floor.


CDG Newsletter 71, p 9

LANCASTER HOLE, Casterton Fell, Cumbria. SD 664.807

28th December, 1983
Diver: R.M.Thomas

Aim: to investigate a possible passage in Skittle Alley sump, not noted in J.T.Griffiths report (NL 60:19).

The sump was up about 1m on normal with considerable evidence of backing up. The passage was soon located and found to be an alcove about 3m long. The diver then searched the rest of the pool in worsening visibility, using a 55W light and found it much like the previous report.

Many thanks to A.Waddington for help.


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