CDG Newsletter 70, p 13

HARDRAWKIN POT, Chapel-le-Dale, N. Yorks SD 745.768

12th June 1983
Diver: J.T.Griffiths

Previous Dives: see Northern Sump Index page 39.

Seemed to make more progress than previous attempts. The bottom of the pot was more like -10m than -12m. A wriggle down the slot at the bottom emerged in a small mud chamber. Across this and through another squeeze the passage rose slightly under some roof pendants. It appeared to end in a very small chamber, though visibility was very poor by this stage and there may be a way up to the left. A better look around the first chamber may also be worth the effort. Total length of dive about 16m.

The dive was made in the first pool. There is in fact a second pool connected to the first by a narrow rift. It would be difficult to get to it in full diving gear, but I'm not sure if anybody has had a look at it.


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