CDG Newsletter 52, p 16

ELBOLTON POT, Grassington, Yorks. SE 007.615

26th March, 1979
Divers: R.J. Shackleton and J.T Griffiths.

Previous exploration: C.D.G. Review 1966-67, p59.

The divers proceeded to the bottom of the pot to find to their dismay that the final sump reported in Northern Caves Vol. 1 p. 38 does not exist! The cave ends in a choke of muddy boulders. Returning to the bottom of the first pitch a search was made for the "inlet" sump. A likely-looking pool was dived in a side passage only to find that it was merely a flooded dig. The correct sump was finally located at the bottom of a ten foot climb in a narrow rift. R.J.S. dived and passed a squeeze to reach the air space reported to have been seen but not reached in the above reference. Ten feet of narrow rift led to a duck and further small air bell. Beyond this the rift closed down below water surface to impossible dimensions.


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