The President's Report 1998
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CUCC's 50th Anniversary

The dis-organising committee

Just in case you haven't noticed yet, CUCC is 50 years old this year, which sounds like a jolly good excuse for a big knees-up. To this end, we intend to hold a "Reunion Meet" one weekend in November/December, to which everyone who has ever been a member of CUCC or ExCS is invited. The venue will be somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales, probably the Dalesbridge Centre near Austwick. We plan to put on a display of CUCC memorabilia from the last 50 years, have a dinner on the Saturday evening, maybe even do a spot of potholing if the mood takes us, and anything else people care to suggest. We have already had interest from members from a wide variety of age groups, so a large attendance is anticipated.

In the next month or so, we'll be writing to as many people as we can, but we think that our address list (over 300 names) is probably very out of date. We would be grateful if you could forward this invitation to any former members of CUCC with whom you are still in touch; and ask them to confirm their current whereabouts either by contacting Anthony Day (address below) or by writing to:

The EXCS Archive c/o David Gibson,
12 Well house Drive,

As well as this large event there are likely to be a few other, more informal, ExCS 'reunion' events during the year, such as caving meets which are 'retired old-fart friendly' where you can come along and check that it is still horrid after all these years.

There are also plans to produce a 50th Anniversary Journal containing a selection of memories, anecdotes, photographs etc. from the last 50 years, and a CD-ROM containing much of the source material. We would similarly be interested to hear what our members have been up since they left CUCC.

If you have any material you would like to contribute to either the 50th Anniversary Journal or CD-ROM, please contact Wookey (Journal), or Andy Waddington (CDROM) at the addresses below (If you aren't sure, send it to Wookey).

CUCC Journal c/o Wookey,
734 Newmarket Rd.,

CUCC CDROM c/o Andy Waddington,
Manor House,
Barnard Castle,
Co. Durham.
DL12 9RF

Any material lent or donated will be properly cared for, and in the former case will be returned as soon as it can be scanned, typed or copied. We are particularly interested in any photographs from the early years of CUCC, and material relating to Cyrenaica (Libya), on which we currently have nothing.

If you would like more information about the Reunion Meet, contact Anthony Day at:

38 Old Elvet,

Suggestions for possible events will be gratefully received -- we want to make this event, and any others that may happen, appeal to the widest possible range of former members.

The President's Report 1998
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Some Highlights of the last 50 years
Austria expedition archive