Cambridge Underground 1994 p 4


Once upon a time there was a tradition in the caving club for the journal to be out just before the Annual Dinner. This year, I am delighted to be restoring that tradition. Unfortunately, it's the 1995 Dinner that I'm referring to, rather than that of '94. But better late than never, I suppose.

Owing to the lack of a Journal for 1993, this one contains material from both this year and last. Consequently, there are two sets of Expo reports and two Presidents' reports. There are two true stories about club members who have in recent years defied death in interesting and innovative ways, two holiday reports (Slovakia and Ireland), technical articles on surveying equipment and battery chargers, and much more besides. To coin a cliché, something for everybody, I hope.

This year's journal was set and laid out using MS Word 6.0, on EDGAR. The cover was done by John Galvin, "Clare Champion". I am indebted to Anthony Zachary for his invaluable help, as well as to everybody who contributed articles and ideas. I end this Editorial with a reminder and a promise - articles are being accepted (by Yours Truly, the Mug) for next year's journal, and it will be on time!

David Galvin,
Cambridge, January 1995

Webeditor's note: this year's journal was scanned and converted using Textbridge Classic, then turned into html using !Zap on a RISC PC. "Next year's journal" was not on time, indeed, it was never published at all !

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