Cambridge Underground 1992 p 3

The ExCS Bit

David Gibson & Wookey

ExCS is jolly good - Smelly undergrads take note. There has been something of an influx of not-very-wrinklies-at-all this year, mostly sometime inhabitants of Spalders. It is a good way to keep in touch with all your CUCC pals without actually having to go caving. Non-horrible sports like mountain biking, skiing and sailing tend to proliferate, although due to last summer's Berger Trip (see report herein) there has been something of an ExCS (groan) of caving done this year.

Anyway, this is the list of members. ExCS operates an extended credit scheme, so some of the following owe money and are liable to expulsion.

Gavin AndrewsJo GreaneySteve Roberts
Dave BrindleJulian/Naomi GriffithsDerek Robinson
Vic BrownDave HarrisonJeremy Rodgers
Charles ButcherBill(Andrew) HawkswellMark Russell
Alison CareyDavid HayesPhilip/Margot Sargent
Andy ConnollyJohn HeathcoteChris/Sue Sharman
Adam CooperDr.James HicksonMike Shearme
Jim CooperSimon KelletGail Smith
Iain CrossleyPete LancasterWilliam Stead
Nicky DaviesRebecca LawsonNick Thorne
Chris DenshamRod/Carole LeachJulian Todd
Brian DerbyJoe LenartowiczPhil Townsend
Andy DolbyJohn LiebeschuetzPat Trelogan
Mark DoughertySarah MacdonaldJack/Muff Upsall
Simon FarrowTony MalcolmBen Van Millingen
Andrew FarrowMike MartinPatrick Warren
Mark FearonUrsula MeadJared West
Dave FlattJenny MossClive Westlake
Doug FlorenceJames NewallTina White
Richard FurlongAndrew NicholsWookey
David GibsonMike/Julia PerrymanGeoff Wyss
John GillettMike Richardson

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