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Finally after months of hard work trying to get a load of slackers to produce something it's here...

the CUCC and EXCS
1990 journal.

Its got lots of goodies in it which show that CUCC has really done quite a lot this year (see the president's bit for the gory details) and it has led to me selflessly sacrificing work and revision for the good of the caving club.

Originally I thought this might be one of those short journals but everyone seems to have pulled together at the last minute to give me loadsa articles which vary from hard science to hard caving to err other sorts (Julian and Juliette spring to mind for the latter category).

If you see something that looks to you like a typo then you should be aware its not a typo but an intentional mistake to stop you from falling asleep and as an inducement to you to read everything; I shall buy a pint for the first person to spot a particular deliberate error (and I decide whether it was a deliberate one or not). Mind you you'll have to find me as well since I shall be joining Hugh and Paul in the CUCC Scandinavia branch as soon as I can.

Last year's journal contained a couple of errors, the more serious one has been pointed out in the letter to the editor on page 44. The other is one is that Wookey couldn't remember who had been elected (?coerced?) in to what position on the committee so his list of posts is wrong. So for those in the future who care about these things this year's contains the correct list of last year's committee as well as this year's.

Well that's enough of me as editor, get reading the interesting bits,

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