Cambridge Underground 1990 p 63

The 1000 Foot Club

For those of you who are beginning to find Caving rather boring, with SRT no longer providing the thrills it used to, here is a way to have a really hard trip in any cave that your fancy takes you to. The 1000 Foot Club is the speleological equivalent of the Mile High Club with a similar entrance requirement, although I gather that the actual depth requirement is not always strictly adhered to. The TFC has a charming Latin motto "Coito ergo sump" and is probably the only caving club which has never had to call out the CRO during a club meet!

Basically members can either be initiated by a current member, who then vouches for them or they have to provide evidence acceptable to the committee (this way is considerably harder "Hold it there Mary, I'll just get the countdown going on the camera...' FLASH "Damn!"...). In either case there is another problem, which is that you also have to find the club, which is rather reticent. I heard of the existence of this club in a pub in Yorkshire this year but people seem to be remarkably shy about actually admitting that they are club members.

For those readers who are interested in trying to join this club the following hints may be useful.

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