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Ha, finished at last. My week of penance parked in front of a Mac is over. Now Ros won't get woken up as I stagger bleary eyed to bed at 4.30, 6.30 & 9.30 am, swearing at Macs under my breath.

The large membership and high activity level of those members, as well as the high ExCS profile has resulted in a lot of good material (feel the width!). I'd better say thanks to all those people who have contributed (especially Dave Gibson, that paragon of efficiency, who has provided me with lots of ExCS stuff). And those who helped with Photocopying, stapling, gluing and proof-reading.

I think this is an ace Journal (wot d'ya mean I'm biased). It's got lots of good articles from a variety of sources & people: old members, new members, ExCS members, clever people, stupid people, people that can spell & people that can't; long articles, short articles, odd articles, interesting articles, useful articles & plain informative articles so that the world at large can see what we have accomplished this year.

If you don't like Americanizmz (do they really spell Eunuches like that?) or a host of other niggling little punctuation decisions, that's tough - it's either the Mac's preference or mine and if you want anything changed you'll just have to volunteer to be Editor next year (This is not a clever thing to do!).

I've really enjoyed my two years in CUCC, and expect to enjoy next year as much if not more. Austria was fantastic, & I can't wait to go this year & tread again where no man has trod before. A few more thanx are in order here. To the Ian & Keith Millar for organising two expeditions in a year, Jenny for looking after us all, Jeremy for washing all that nasty rope in our bath and (amongst a multitude of others) for leaving all that revolting gear in my room/shower!

Now, If I can just get the bloody page numbers to appear on the Laserwriter, I've finished, Yipppee!

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