Cambridge Underground 1988 p 2


Well, here is the latest edition of Cambridge Underground. The editor would like to thank all those who promised to produce articles and then did produce them, those who didn't promise to produce articles but then did after nagging, and moan at those who promised to write articles but didn't.

The description of work achieved in Austria in 1987 is incomplete in that much effort was spent in surface surveying between previously known entrances. Due to the lack of detailed surface maps of the area, the only result of this work is a series of straight lines joining up the cave systems, so there is little point in reproducing this map here. Eight out of the ten people on last year's expedition had never been on a proper caving expedition before, and having gained a working knowledge of the area nearly all are returning in 1988, with around a dozen new people. Thus the chances of 'going deep' in Austria in 1988 should be good.

So enjoy reading this journal, and start thinking about what you can write for it for next year's edition!

Chris Densham

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