Cambridge Underground 1985 p 2

The Editor's Bit

by Nick Hawkes

Welcome to Cambridge Underground 1985. I've decided that another short editorial is in order, partly to keep in with the recent trend, but mainly so as not to bore you all before getting onto the 'Good Stuff'. So here goes.

This year, as you will notice, there are more advertisements than in previous years. This has been simply to keep the costs of production to a minimum. Also it has enabled us to have a photo on the cover once again. I should like to thank all those who have placed an advertisement in the journal, and would ask all of you who read this to support them for having supported us, (if you don't already!). Try to remember to mention Cambridge Underground in any correspondence with them.

Many thanks are due to all those who have actually given up a few hours to write articles or draw surveys, and especially to those of you who typed your own article onto the computer! If you feel that perhaps you should really have written an article yourself - then you're right! - do it now instead and send it to next year's editor: Patrick Warren, c/o James Hickson at the following address:-

Dr. J. Hickson,
Pembroke College,

Any other mail for CUCC should also be sent to this address.

Also finally I must thank those people without whose help you would not be reading this. Chris Sharman for much help as a slave typist. Phil Sargent for getting me off the starting block and Graham Hamilton for taking on the job of 'Type Setter'.

One last thing - a warning to anyone who likes practising abseiling, I discovered that the local residents became quite upset when abseiling down the outside of a lift shaft of a twenty storey tower block in Hackney. The police do not really mind - but have to arrest you anyway!

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