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A possible dig was identified in the higher regions of the Metallurgy Annexe Massif. The geology was mostly silicaceous but there is a definite banding of limestone visible on exposures. The dig was opened when a poised jammed castiron "boulder" was freed. This revealed a window onto a large pitch, this was measured as 50 ft.

The pitch, an unbroken hang against the wall, was descended the next day. The bottom was choked and all possible extensions closed in after a few feet. The system is dry and filled with a loose black dust. There is a possible boltable extension to an upper entrance, this could be one of the many chimney-like structures visible on the plateau. If this were pushed a total vertical range of 25 m (80 ft) would be achieved.

The explorers do not think this is part of the sub-Magog system and it does not bring any nearer the second entrance to Royston cave.

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