Cambridge Underground 1983 p 30


A Minor Extensionb

Julian Griffiths

This interesting cave was first visited by Rob and Julian in September 1979. That day Rob had a look at the sump, which proved too low, and then both cavers continued past the sump to have a look at the dry passages. The crawl emerges in a low bedding plane, after 15m it is possible to drop down a hole which gives two ways on into a lower bedding. Both were investigated, but the way off to the left proved more interesting. Across a bedding chamber were two crawls. Through the one on the left the stream could be heard, so it was dug out to give access to the stream, beyond which the passage becomes too low.

Returning with Andy Nichols and Naomi Makins at Whitsun 1982, the old dig was abandoned in favour of the right hand crawl. This was blocked by a boulder, but application of Mr. Nobel's patent rock remover soon reduced this to gravel. A squeeze up through blocks broke into a sizeable fault chamber. Below this was a continuation of the bedding plane we had been in. "Upstream" (NW) a crawl past a stream inlet and sink (undoubtedly the one seen in the other crawl) led to a series of pools and a sump. "Downstream" became too low although it did draught slightly. The bedding is about 1.5-2m wide at this point with about 10cms room above the infill floor.

Total length of the extensions are about 45m.

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