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Short but sweet so as not to risk being "boring". I should like to take the opportunity of answering certain comments made by Mr. Checkley in his review of last year's journal, suggesting too much space was devoted to articles which would be of little interest to non-members. About 75% of our journals are sold to current or ex-members of the club, and to those who have close contacts with the club, so I feel we are justified in including articles of this nature, in addition to articles keeping other groups informed as to what CUCC is doing.

Many thanks to all those who have submitted articles and surveys; mainly EXCS members as in previous years. Thanks also to Tony for his invaluable services as "Northern Editor", and to those who helped with the typing and collating, especially Charles Butcher, Mark Hunter and Mr. Lewis at Fitz.

Cambridge Underground will continue to be published on an annual basis - we hope to bring out next year's early in 1983 as this avoids clashes with exams and May Week for those involved with production. We hope to reprint the 1981 journal which has currently sold out - but copies of past journals from other years are available at 80 pence each (inc. p&p), and further copies of this one at one pound 30 pence (inc.p&p). For those wishing to contact us, the club has a permanent mailing address:

c/o Dr. J.C.D. Hickson,
Pembroke College,

Apologies for the lack of photographs - but high costs of printing make it not worth our while to include them unless they are of high quality and would reproduce well. Anything else I might have said has been adequately covered by our revered President in his "Bit" - so that's yer lot.

Buy me a pint in Yorkshire sometime .....

Judith Greaves.

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