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The activists of the club are keen to continue varying the number of distractions in the future along the lines of the previous few months in order to enlarge its appeal to prospective members, though without ignoring the enjoyment and importance of extending caves and finding new ones. Reports of speleological activities appear elsewhere in this journal, so, to provide a taster for those who may have strayed from the fold (or are thinking of doing so) here follows a brief account of those most prominent in the ranks in the past few months.

walking in the Lake District became very popular, reaching a notable peak in February with a large gathering in cottages at Chapel Stile, following on from several smaller trips last year.

A hard team of three laid low the peaks of Snowdonia last Easter, two of them have since been banned from favourite inns of the North of England for over-enthusiastic use of limbs, the third is reportedly nervous in public places.

Andy Nichols took up wind-surfing eventually; and he started a solicitors' practice in Barnsley - who'd have thought he'd have had the time to invent the sport of eating half a pound of tongue for lunch as well.

Julian Griffiths has become an honorary member of the Bangers and Smash Club for assisting in such a high number of vehicular accidents.

Rob Shackleton discounts rumours that he has been forced to leave Harrogate as "totally unfounded" - he has now moved to London.

Simon Farrow defeated Andy Waddington in the field of rally driving, by driving in more fields - and upside down for effect.

Andy Waddington has gone off to Mexico in a huff.

Nick Thorne (malicious rumours suggest) has achieved a high standard in his newly adopted sport, thanks to plenty of practice.

Nick Reckert, despite not having "done any exercise for two years", overtook almost everyone on the way up Bow Fell in DM's recently, and showed a still-keen appetite for English beer in large quantities.

Ben van Million Cigarette/Pint Man continues to reduce his slightly cantilevered frame to ashes thanks to the technology available.

Doug Florence is making lots of bread in Cairo.

"John Bowers has got a car" an RAC person reported.

Andy Connolly is roaming Newcastle pubs at present - or was.

Mike Shearme can occasionally be seen through the smoke at Greenclose.

Mike Perryman is observing in Holland.

Nicki Davies is the one to see if you're socially insecure in Brixton.

Tony Malcolm hopes to return to an extended holiday/early retirement before May.

Dave Harrison has abandoned the rigours of the Dales lifestyle for the jetset of Woking.

Jack'n'Muff have sold - have bought - aren't selling - aren't buying properties in Chapel-le-Dale and Long Preston.

Dave Gibson is having to put up with "a load of foreigners" in York Youth Hostel.

In the coming year trips to Ireland, North Wales, the Lake District, Scotland, the Mendips, Derbyshire, Blackpool, Armscliffe,and abroad are being planned for caving, climbing, walking, the good life in general.

People can be found regularly wandering around Ingleton around 10.30 am. on Saturdays, especially before the large number of classic trips booked for this year, one a month until January 1982.

Further details are available from:

Tony Malcolm
Andy Nichols
Simon Farrow

Many thanks to the present members of CUCC for the dinner this year and for being such good sports when losing at darts. It is hoped that many of you will take the opportunity of joining us when the time comes.


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