Cambridge Underground 1981 pp 20-21


After five years of exploration on the Loser Plateau, 1981 will see a very different team of "Intrepid Speleos" in Austria. It thus seems a suitable time to recap all the "holes" investigated in the last five years. Most but not all of the following, have been mentioned in previous journals.

Fledermaushöhle-20m: entrance crawl down twisting shaft to shattered end.1976
B11-55m: shaft in clint, choked1976
80-14m: descent, choked.(survey) 1977
81short horizontal passage ends quickly.(survey) 1977
82 Brauninghöhle-215m ends in sump. 60m pitch appears to but enters further 15m pitch after which the cave is again more spacious. Water appears at -75m.(survey) 1977
83-55m: ends in boulder strewn floor.(survey) 1977
84draughting tube not pushed to an end.(survey) 1977
85-50m: free climb to an impenetrable fissure.(survey) 1977
86-25m: snow plugged rift.(survey) 1977
87-110m: ends in a large chamber.1980
89-25m: choked rift.1979
90-20m: choked rift.1977
91-20m: choked rift.1977
92-90m: very loose, ends in a choke. (survey) 1977
93-35m: long rift chokes.1977
94-35m: spiralling free climb, chokes.1977
95-10m: free climb down to an unpromising tube. 1977
96-105m: apparent end in small chamber may be bypassed by small rift down muddy climbs to sump. Air current detectable from inaccessible slot above sump.(survey) 1977
97 Schneewindschacht-265m: narrow draughting entrance leads to stepped series of pitches to -190m. Then briefly horizontal, abandoned phreas could not be traversed over to. Water followed climbs into impenetrable fissure by which time the draught had vanished. (survey) 1977
98-47m: 25m pitch to a small chamber, 17m pitch to a solid floor.1978
99-30m: entrance close to 106, spiralling shaft probably connects to 106, not concluded.1979
100-15m: shaft ending in a tight wet crack. 1977
101-35m: meandering phreatic passages choke. 1977
102-20m: snow plugged shaft.1977
103-30m: tight shaft to choke.1977
104-30m: choked shaft.1977
105-41m: shaft ends at flat gravel floor.1977
106 Eislufthöhle-506m: a noticeably cooler microclimate signalled entrance in lapiaz, horizontal draughting tube leads to a series of pitches down to a sump.(surv) 1977-9
107 Gemsehöhle-280m: draughting entrance dig led to an abandoned phreatic section followed by a series of pitches down to a rift choke, no way on could be found.(survey) 1978
108 horizontal entrance to a large chamber with narrow rift dropping away, probably joins 41.1980
110insignificant entrance with icy draught leads to a drop and horizontal passage ending in a choke.(survey) 1978
113 Sonnenstrahlhöhle-330m: impressive open entrance pitch leads to hrizontal route along hading rift through chambers at two levels before a series of pitches appears to end. An insignificant tube leads to further series of pitches to another abandoned phreatic level. Stream continues down rift, not concluded.(survey) 1980
115?m digging in railway tunnel entrance in the side of a valley led to an abandoned phreatic system reaching vertical section when time ran out.(survey) 1980
41 Stellerweghöhle -350m: an alternative route was followed in this cave found by the Germans, again following horizontal route across hading rift before descending series of pitches. Not concluded. (survey) 1980

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