CUCC Journal 1970 p 19


By Arnold Fairlees.

BACKROOM SERIES: entrance is locked - keys from Heywood's Garage. First Pitch has fixed steel ladder (2'). Beware low roof on reaching head of this ascent. Danger of boulder fall. Best route is to either side of rubble heap via bedding plane (foam-rubber padded) but this may be occupied by soporific speleologists.

FRONT SERIES: Also locked (see above). Just inside entrance note fine formation, the Queen (apparently defaced by American vandals). Just beyond is King, with fine helictites on chin. Route bears right past Queen to end in bedding-plane. Vocal contact possible with Backroom Series. A through trip involves dangerous climbing and is not recommended.


  1. Lime Marmalade butties: essential for a trip of this severity
  2. Aerosol: to counteract farmyard effluvia from rucksacks
  3. Can Petrol
  4. Starting Handle

(Taken from a document "THE RETREAT FROM MENDIP: A study in Speleological Shambles" to be found in the club library)

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