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Michaelmas Term 1998 Newsletter 3 - 3rd November

No caving last weekend, but that doesn't mean that we cavers weren't busy! Sam Lieberman sent in the report of the Formal Hall on Monday. Whenever something happens, please send back reports so I can include them in the newsletter, even if I went on the same event.


The formal hall went very well - or at least as well as can be expected for the cavers, Steve made an outstanding organizational goof by buying ALL the tickets in ADVANCE - all the other Queens people also bought tickets so there was a bit of a surplus. Julian H. suggested, and I seconded the motion that we ought to try and get two meals each - seeing as we had the tickets.

The food was good; hamsters in breadcrumbs for the veggies and pork with chilies (slices of!) for the carnivores (a bit spicy for some people's taste). Everyone had a bottle of wine each, and a novelty drinking game was introduced involving spending a penny in peoples wine (???!!!!) - this then of course means they are obliged to down it (the glass of wine - not the penny). Andrew excelled in telling truly awful Christmas cracker jokes and explaining the finer points of vowel pronunciation to an enthralled audience.

After the meal it was off to the Mill for a drink. Unusually the Mill was completely empty so we had a choice of tables and no queue for beer. Then it was off to the Castle - Sam found a silly Halloween hat on the way and insisted on making an idiot of himself by wearing it (well somebody's got to do it) - though we all decided that Erin made the best witch though - something to do with the long black hair and the pentacle perhaps?

Quotes: -

'I had someone, rolling around on the floor' - Andrew Ketley

'You put it between your legs and get a second one' - Julian Haines



This Thursday, for those of you who are so busy that all time loses its meaning, is Bonfire Night when our civilized society burns effigies of a man who died in a gruesome manner a long time ago. But the firework displays are great! There will be a large display on Midsummer Common. Last year the display was one of the best I've seen, and many of those who went will agree (Steve says it is "MASSIVE, FREE and SERIOUSLY GOOD"). We are planning on meeting up in Paul Hammond's room between 6:30 and 7pm, and then heading over for the display which is at 7:30pm. Afterwards some of us are heading off either to a Pub or to Clown's which do a "seriously good coffee".

Paul lives in Room 2, 37 Green Street. 37 is on the right as you go down Green Street towards Sainsbury, and is the door just before Jessops.


Also on Thursday is the weekly CUCC Lunch, in Andrew's room. Lots of food for not much money. Eat, drink and be merry.

Andrew writes:
B18, Bishop Bateman Court. BBC, as it is known to the denizens of its warren-like passages, is located on the corner of Thomson's Lane and New Park Street (from Bridge St., take the only side road between Magdalene Bridge and the Incredible Car-Crunching Bollards). At the crossroads, a close inspection of the hairdresser's should reveal a stairway ascending along one side of its roof, leading to an improbably located front door. Climb this, and select an appropriate button from the panel to the right of the door. Once through the front door, enter the stairwell through the door opposite and ascend one floor. On leaving the stairwell, bear left, and do not be deterred by any kitchens you may encounter; the lifeforms that inhabit them are usually harmless. My room number, for those have forgotten it during the course of this rambling and hopefully illuminating description, is B18.

Have fun in Mendip, if you're going.


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