Cambridge University Caving Club

Newsletter #5 --- 11 November 1997


Jonathan's bit

Oh dear.. I have to admit that I spent the weekend above ground! What's wrong with me? Well, I went to Wales (somewhere south of Snowdonia?) and wandered around in mist shrouded bogs (very atmospheric ...). We visited lots of Tarns and experienced some freezing rain, snow fell on the 3000ft peaks. On Sunday I visited the highest waterfall in Wales (some 150-200ft) and spied a very nice abseil. The waterfall obliges with plenty of sturdy over-hanging trees --- and there is a good 40m pitch down the side of the falls with an easily accessible landing - great for taking photos too! Unfortunately only two of our group had gear.. something to remember if you are passing through ...

Jeremy, Tony et al did some real SRT training on Saturday while Sam, Sean and Janet even went caving!

Jeremy's bit

There was a very good turnout for training, around 7,8 not including me, Paul & Tony. We had 5 ropes up with various deviations/rebelays/traverse lines, and a ladder. People got suitably strung up (Hopefully nobody got put off by horribly realistic tight rebelays!). It was lovely and sunny, but a bit cold. In a way we could have done with less people, or more gear and leaders, since (a) people didn't get to do very much (b) they spent a while hanging around at each obstacle waiting for someone to tell them what to do.

3 of the ropes were rigged under the bridge as an experiment. This was OK, although the distance between the rebelay and the top is a bit short. So we can use the bridge even if it's raining. It does help if there's someone tall to rig & derig though (I did the rigging, Rufus (6' something) derigged).

Sam's bit

Friday --- Drove up to Manchester with Janet (via Warrington where I dropped Jan off to see some friends of old, or is that old friends?)

Saturday --- Went for a walk in Derbyshire --- spent most of the day in mist, horizontal rain and up to my knees in peaty bog --- best walk I've had in ages, only met one other person on the way round, then dropped down to the pub in Sparrowpit for the best, indeed only, meal I'd had since Thursday evening (no wonder I didn't grow up to be a big lad!) --- Then back to Manchester for a Christmas party --- got to sleep at 4:30am.

Sunday --- Woke up again at 7:30 to pick Janet up, then straight off caving at Peak Cavern. Met Sean (who'd been caving in Yorkshire on the Saturday) at the TSG hut, along with some old MUSS folk who's trip we were pirating and then off for a jolly fine caving trip. Janet displayed seal like tendencies by frolicking in the sump and then headed out with Sean, whilst Sam and the MUSS oldies went to play in Ink sump and thereabouts. Out in time for cream teas and then the long haul back to Cambridge where I narrowly avoided being squashed by a lorry on the A1. Apparently Sean's roller skate is unwell, things go round but not of their own accord --- that's what you get for buying a car with a Wankel engine.

See you later. Sam.


Sign-up Tonight!! 20 pounds ... Leave Friday as per usual, return Sunday evening.

Lots of caves.. err.. I haven't been there yet.. but I understand that there are no scary vertical bits --- a few small ladders! So this is a good trip if you haven't done any training yet --- or been caving.

Jeremy has quite a few interested people already. So....

Email Jeremy:
Bring $$ to the Pub tonight.
Bring $$ to the Lunch.
Bring $$ to the Rope washing.

Lunch is at: Paul Hammond's Flat 6 St Michaels Court 1-2PM Thursday (Caius - opposite the porters)

New gear

We have bought new club gear to encourage novices ... and reduce the hassle of borrowing gear. We have 4 sparkling new oversuits and furries ... so don't get any dirt on them.

Thanks to Sean for bring them back from Yorkshire ... and to Neil for giving us a blank cheque!


Yes, I now have enough amunition to embarrass almost everyone who has been caving so far --- the camera never lies. (They're not that bad --- there are none of me!)

I have yet to arrange this with James, but this is my current plan: Slide show next Tuesday at Pembroke in the Old Reader room (where the squash was) Time 8pm-9pm. Then head off to the Pub. I know the Panton arms isn't the closest.. but it'll confuse people (particularly the oldies) to go elsewhere.

Of course everyone is welcome --- even if you're just curious and haven't been caving!!!

IF you can think of a better time and date to show slides please SUGGEST IT.

Rope washing

Yes! it's ROPE WASHING II --- The sequel ... starring Earl as the Tea Lady, our Heros: those keen rope washing cavers (you) and a cast of muddy ropes supported by garlic bread and biscuits (visualise this however you wish).

Time: 8pm, Thursday 13 November 1997
Place: Churchill College, Earl's room 31L

Be there.

The social caver

There's been some discussion about organising a non-caving event! My initial Line dancing idea (I thought it might be fun?!) was not favourably received (I don't even know what it is --- it can't be that bad?). Anyway things have moved on ... so how about a game of Laser quest? If someone would like to organise this.. say for next week (I might be in Stuttgart) ... or next weekend (it's a non-caving weekend) --- I'd be happy.

Other ideas include going to the movies ... and the pub!

J.C.C. Carr
Tuesday November 11 17:35:35 GMT 1997
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