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Newsletter --- 21 October 1997

Last weekend - Sorry about forgetting to distribute this Newsletter!

Well, we survived the two squashes ... including the first CUCC squash to provide mineral water! --- yes, we cater for the new age caver. Ladder training went well --- it was surprisingly fun! Virtually everyone had a go at SRT (rope stuff). Alexei thought the purpose of ladder practice was to see how fast you can go up and down a ladder. Free-fall is the fastest way down, but it's not recommended. Meanwhile, I demonstrated every possible combination for putting your SRT gear on incorrectly ... then when I finally got on the rope a dog found my pack and made off with my lunch. Thanks Sam, Tony and Paul for setting up all the rigging ... especially the ``novice'' traverse. More effort could have been put into saving my lunch though.


The weather was good! ... but we failed to meet up with Fliss in Derbyshire ... still, we got her money. People were a bit shy to get their gear off at first. Earl's gleaming over suit was admired by all. Then it was off to the cave where the refreshing waterfall on the ladder pitch was much appreciated after the hot walk in. We wombled around a bit ... I took some photos ... we visited the sump ... I took some more photos ... did some crawls (everyone seemed pretty keen) ... I took even more photos ... we wondered where Tony and that lot were ... then my camera stopped working ... so we headed out, abandoning Sam to de-rig. Meanwhile the others had broken into the van (which is easy when it's not locked). The cafe on the way home was much appreciated!

Hmm, I can't think of much more to say except everyone had a good time and I took lots of photos ... and Paul said I've got to turn up to the Pub before 10pm! So that's the end of the story. Thanks to all those who lent their gear!

Cave people: Ian Ross, Ian Jackson, Alex Bright, Sam, Ally, Tony, David Fisher, Yohendran B., Tim Vasby-Burnie, Stephen Jones and me!

This week : Ladder training

There will be more ladder and rope climbing this Saturday at 2pm, Long Road rail bridge (the disused one!). Those who want to give it another go are welcome too! If anyone doesn't have a bicycle (to get there) then send me an email and we will work something out.

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There's another trip to Derbyshire this Sunday --- last weekend was excellent --- so let me know if you're keen. Either turn up to the pub meet or Thursday lunch or send me a cheque for 10 pounds via the university's internal mail (free but slow) Address: ``Jonathan Carr, Fallside Lab, Dept. Engineering''. Be sure to put ``UMS'' on the envelope ... and email me as well! I'd like to hire another minibus so please email me soon if you're interested.

Social events

It might be nice to organise a social event or two. These need not be centred solely on the consumption of beer! For example, I'd like to look at meeting in the Old Reader Room one Tuesday and seeing some slides of Austria perhaps then heading off to the Pub. Any ideas, enthusiasm?

J.C.C. Carr
Wednesday October 29 14:19:48 GMT 1997
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