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Newsletter --- 3 June 1997


Apparently there was a bit of a sad turn out at last Thursday's lunch --- all having lunch with the Queen Mum? --- no excuse. Andrew wants you all to come and visit him this week... and eat all his food! Here's the directions again:

Andrew lives in room C7, Bishop Bateman Court, Thomson's Lane. Thomson's Lane is first right after the bollards on Bridge Street (heading out), or left just before the bollards (heading in!). BBC is the yellow and black mockswedish extravaganza on the righthand corner at the crossroads; ascend by the hairdresser's and whack the appropriate buzzer. Time is 1-2PM as usual.

(Sorry I didn't go either - sitting behind my computer day dreaming)


I thought I wasn't going to write a newsletter this week but Jeremy sent this weekend trip report to me this morning so here it is (albeit brief and to the point):

They went down Hammer. The entrance collapsed, but they still managed to get in. It was bloody hard. Duncan & a friend didn't fit through Stemple rift. Sam, Tony, Becka and Julian got through and almost to the bottom (they didn't do the last pitch). It took 6hrs (for those who got through). Sam feels very bruised.

Well, it sounds like fun! Just the kind of report which makes you wish you hadn't wasted a sunny weekend above ground.

More food: cucc/ExCS Alternative Dinner 1997

Date: Saturday 21st June.
Venue: Red Lion, Sedbergh (upstairs room).
Time: To be announced (7-7.30ish probably).
Cost: 10 quid. Pay for own alcohol.

Menu choices:
First course:
Soup (variety not specified)
Prawn salad with celery and apple
Garlic mushrooms

Main course: Beef carbonnade
Chicken and mushroom in a wine and cream sauce
Baked cod
Vegetable goulash
Stuffed aubergine

Dessert: Mixed fruit tart
Creme brulee

Accommodation: Camping available 10 mins walk away at Penfolds Caravan Site, tel. 015396 20576. The pub knows of B+B if needed (Pub tel. 015396 20433).

Miscellaneous: Kids welcome.

Names and menu choices by 10th June to:

Penny/Dan in the Panton
Adam Cooper
Tel.: 01287 652446
E-mail: PPCOO2 -at-


"The only people I give lifts to are random Scruffy Youths" --- Wooks

Scrambled legs

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Figure: Elegant moves in Hagg Gill --- Rachael!

J.C.C. Carr
Monday June 9 12:36:20 BST 1997
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