Cambridge University Caving Club

Newsletter --- 26 May 1997

Food! Andrew is hosting the CUCC lunch for the rest of the term. He lives in room C7, Bishop Bateman Court, Thomson's Lane. Thomson's Lane is first right after the bollards on Bridge Street (heading out), or left just before the bollards (heading in!). BBC is the yellow and black mockswedish extravaganza on the righthand corner at the crossroads; ascend by the hairdresser's and whack the appropriate buzzer. Time is 1-2PM as usual.

Caving Officially no one went caving ... so I don't have to write anything!

Quotes: "Do I have to write a newsletter?" -- me

News Is it Yorkshire this weekend?

My email is jccc -at- if you want to put anything in the newsletter!

When I find time I will dream up a cool latex style file for the newsletter ... I think that next year we should post newsletters to members not at the club night, or rather post 1-2 compiled newsletters each term. That way we can keep in touch with those novices who only turn up once or twice. With some imaginative trip reports we might even give them the impression that caving is fun and lure them on to a trip when their memories of P8 have faded sufficiently.

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Figure 1: Budget Snow caving in Yorkshire --- Clive prays that his club light will work. A soon-to-be scene from past now we have Mathew the light keeper?

J.C.C. Carr
Monday June 9 12:32:46 BST 1997
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