(this better bloody well had be my last) Newsletter - 13 May, 1997

EGM - Tuesday 27th May

The AGM last Saturday was inquarate (or whatever the correct Latin is for people being too slack to show up) so there will be an EGM in the pub in two weeks time to ratify what was agreed at the AGM - I trust there will be no objections!! Besides, the incoming pres is under no obligation to by us all a drink until he's been officially voted in


Despite the lack of members we did manage to spend 21/2 hours discussing the future of the club, and the main decisions (as I remember them) are as follows,
* Committee posts President - Jonathan Carr
Tackle Master - Earl Merson
Lamp Post - Matthew Hicks
Secretary - me (Paul Hammond)
Junior Treasurer - Neil Strickland
Senior Treasurer - James Hickson
Training Officer - Tony Rooke
Dinner Lady - Conor Houghton
* Accounts seemed all in order - but we can afford to and should make more of a loss (or less of a profit!!) on the novice meets next year in the interest of the club actually having some novices.
* There will be a squash followed by a novice meet at the end of this term (provisionally Sat 14th June) - lots of enthusiasm and help please!!
* Novice meets to cost 10, and Michaelmas term meets 15
* The cost of a caver's first trip will include a years membership of the club
* Email addresses of people showing an interest at the Fresher's Fair will be compiled into a mailing list, so people have to request not to be sent newsletters etc.
* Paper newsletters will be delivered weekly using CUSU-MS
* Termcards will be available at the start of each term, giving details of all the meets/permits etc.

Swales - this weekend

Bruno and Jonathan have both expressed an interest in going - we've got a permit for OFD so surely someone else will want to go(?)


We definitely are going to get some lights made before the end of term (no really we are) so if anyone knows what we've got/need to get please let me know. When we've assembled all the bits we can go round to Jeremy's for a soldering/barbecue session.

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