(my last) Newsletter - 6 May, 1997


There was a sudden enthusiasm amongst the lags last week (most notably Jeremy) to go and do some really hard caving. So we left Cambridge on Friday night with tackle bags already packed and numbered. We were awoken early on Saturday morning by the deranged moo-ings of one of Glebe Farms mad cows (or even earlier by Becka's beard pulling antics). After eating copious quantities of lard we split into two waves - Jeremy, Gill, Neil and I would go and rig the cave and then Clive, Mark, Andrew and Jonathan would meet us at the sump and de-rig out. At least that was the plan. The first wave was underground before midday (yes - you read that right!) but the second wave was delayed firstly by Jonathan's desire to give Mr. Inglerip lots of money, then by Andrew leaving his SRT kit in his tent and didn't get underground until about 3pm.
The first wave progressed down without too much faffing, well OK we did forget a tackle bag for a bit, but that was all. But we must have rigged too many of the 'free climbable' pitches because by the time we got out of the bottom of the rift there was one rope and at least 3 pitches left, so we decided it was time to head out. By this time of course we were completely knackered and pretty cold. We met the second wave at the top of off the 4th pitch along with some Imperial College cavers (without a permit) who got in our way for about 45mins. Having got soaked getting back up the first pitch, dragging a tackle bag back through the flat-out crawl was absolutely appalling. After what seemed like forever the sling which marked the end of the crawl appeared and we clambered out onto the surface. Time underground - 81/2 hrs. We were 20 minutes late for the call-out but even worse we missed the Marton, not that anyone was in a fit state to walk there.
Sunday - we were woken by the sound of rain, so we went back to sleep. When the rain wouldn't go away we sloped off to Bernies and drank tea until it did. By then everyone had decided to head home and give Monday a miss. Clive and Sarah managed a quick tandem ride, Jonathan and I plodded up and down Inglebrough and others sat in the Marton. Then everyone went home. Except Mark and Ally who were booked (by Ally) to go horse riding in the pouring rain!

AGM - this Saturday

The AGM is in James' room - H10, Pembroke College at 3pm this Saturday (10th May), see over for agenda. If anyone fancies practising some SRT in the morning then let me know and I'll try and bully some old lags into helping.


"I know its more normal to squeeze it but I always suck" - Ally, about Sarah's water-bottle, or so I'm told.
"Was Bradford bombed during the war?" - Jonathan

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