Newsletter - 18 February, 1997

Peak Cavern trip

After an SRT session on KK we (Paul, Sam, Tony, Dave and Brian) collected helmets from the tacklestore, cursing the messy individuals who had left tacklebags all over the floor. It wasn't until we had nearly reached Sam's that I remembered those tacklebags contained Dan and Penny's gear which we needed for the weekend, back we went (fuck-up #1). Having hurtled up to Derbyshire we met up with Tanya and Dave in the Robin Hood and managed to bore/enthral Brian with tales of caving mishaps. After a greasy breakfast in the Lover's Leap we met up with Bruno, Jonathan and Andrew in Castleton only to discover I had left the permit at home (fuck-up #2). Anyway they didn't seem to care and let us into Peak Cavern which must be the most miserable show-cave ever with precisely no pretties. The show-cave ended in a long metal slide and after that the rest of the cave was much better with some superb muddy tubes to slither through and a good stomping streamway at the bottom. Fate managed to inflict Jonathan with the (most) crap light again which died completely after 1/2hr so Sam had to race back and fetch a zoom from the entrance. After cream teas in Castleton we headed off home stopping for kebabs and chips in Grantham (good chippy!).

Yorks V - This weekend

Third consecutive week of caving - staying in the caravans, let Matthew know if you want to go.


Right, here are the 'finalised' details
Date : 1st March (probably 8pm - meet in the Mill beforehand)
Place : Pembroke College
Cost : 17 or 23 with drinks
Please let Matthew know if you're going and give him a cheque (payable to CUCC) - tonight if possible or by next week at the very latest. Note - there might well be a small additional charge for the hire of the party room.


The club lights are in a miserable state - we need to get something done about them. Petel has volunteered to turn the F Cells we have into lights but we need to get boxes and headsets etc. If any lags could volunteer to get this done soon or tell us what we need to be doing so that we have a decent set of lights for next term that would be great. One other thing, Matthew tells me the inferno machine is bust.....

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