Newsletter - 11 February, 1997

White Scar - the Wook report (has anyone got his T/Store key?)

we (Wook, Tess, Tanya, Dave, Tony, Sam, Adam, Rachel, Bruno, Jonathan) gathered at an uncharacteristically early 10am in white scar car park. And got changed in a biting Feb wind. Much grumbling was heard from those who hadn't been told that this trip involved swimming and thus a wetsuit was strongly recommended. We paid up (1 pound - special 'Pete Grant's mates' rate), had a quick squint at the survey, and went in. It's pretty good for a show cave - there is an extraordinary amount of scaffolding (over 10km) making a path over the stream - very civilised. We turned off this at the end and almost immediately there was much more grumbling from the wetsuit-less ones as we passed an 80m pool, with much clinging to the walls, and swimming from one ledge to another.

Then you follow the very obscure lined route through the huge choke of big bertha and then stomp down miles of streamway, occasionally falling into potholes, and sending wook-the-wetsuit first as depth guinea pig. All very impressive, with nice some stal on the walls.

Eventually got to the end and poked about in amusing digs & ducks looking for the way on, before concluding (correctly) that we had got as far as we were going to. We failed to find the sleepwalker series (up in the roof) entirely, so there is an incentive for a return one day.

Very jolly trip - probably the best streamway in Yorkshire, and a pretty good showcave, so good that most punters probably think their 6.50 was reasonable value. Another freezing change saw us looking for something to do by 3pm! image going shopping _after_ your caving trip (eg for new wetsocks whilst _still_ waiting for feeling to return to your feet!). Wetsuits strongly recommended (says a very smug wook!), although no-one died so it was OK.

Peak Cavern - this weekend

Unfortunately the permit only allows 12 of us to go caving - judging by previous meets this won't be a problem, but if the list fills up, then don't forget - I could always use another beer!

SRT Training

Basically if you've been caving a couple of times or more, then it's time to learn SRT - its MUCH BETTER than ladders, just ask any of the old lags. The first training session will be held on Kelsey Kerridge outside climbing wall this Saturday at 10.00am (check with Tony) - if you don't know where this is I've a few maps.

Annual Dinner - 1st March

Matthew has kindly/unwisely volunteered to be Dinner Lady and I think he has more details of what we're eating and how much its going to cost us etc so pester him.

Gear Week

Unless I'm much mistaken, it's Gear Week at Open Air - which means 20% off, 5.30-7.00pm, Tuesday to Thursday.


"So you want to move in with him?" - Jonathan, under the impression that Clive was going to live with Bruno.
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