Newsletter - 4 February, 1997

Mendips II - this weekend

Matthew is organising this weekend's meet to the Mendips (as it's about time he did something useful!) so pester him and he'll sort you all out. It was probably one of the best meets of last term and you'll even get the chance to dive through a sump (scary!!) if you're that way inclined.

Dates for the rest of term

The dates I gave you last time were more or less complete lies, hopefully these are not -
16 February: Derbyshire II - Peak Cavern
22/23 February: Yorks V
8/9th March: South Wales I

Annual Dinner

In case you weren't aware, the CUCC Annual Dinner is being held in Pembroke College on 1st March. I can highly recommend it as I'm still suffering the effects of going to a similar dinner last night. I've arranged to see the kitchen blokey tomorrow morning to sort out a menu, so if anyone has any requests either for food or price range (probably 20 to 25) let me know tonight. I could also really do without being dinner lady, so if any kind person fancies the job ...

Tackle Audit

Gill, Clive, Jeremy, Becka (the little one) and myself spent Sunday afternoon sorting out the tacklestore and checking all the rope. If you know you have some club gear lurking away at home, could please tell me before I give the audit to James. (There is a copy of the audit somewhere if you really want to know how long or bits of rope are!)

SRT Training

If you've been caving a couple of times now, you'll probably be fed up with climbing up and down ladders and you'll be glad to know that there is a better way called SRT (Single Rope Technique). This does away with most of the hanging around at pitches and is the way all of the caving is done in Austria. You must however be competent at SRT BEFORE you try and use it in a cave - so we'll be having training sessions on Kelsey Kerridge for anyone whose interested - talk to Matthew for more details.


No one is saying anything even remotely amusing, so drink some more beer and you could contribute to next weeks newsletter.
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