Newsletter - 21 January, 1997


Despite staying in the tackiest resort in Majorca in a hotel full of geriatrics and lycra-clad runners, we had a superb holiday. Thanks to the fact that the club has been several times before, we were able to find loads of caves to do which more that made up for the fact that we couldn't go gorging. If you want a full and frank account of the goings on then there's five pages of Clive's waffle you can read.

New Year

There was a distinct lack of enthusiasm at the end of last term for the annual CUCC New Year trip to Yorkshire - especially from people who had seen just how lovely and warm caving can be. So much so that I assumed that the whole thing was off - BUT NO, one brave soul (well Sam actually) braved the ice and snow and made it to the Ingleton caravans only to find no-one else had!! Fortunately after a couple of miserable days stuck in a caravan by himself he was rescued by Oxford (oooops!) and taken off to Bull Pot farm.

Yorks IV - this weekend!!

Only a week back and I'm already dying to get out of Cambridge - thankfully we're going caving this weekend. I suppose I'd better organise it, so hassle me if you want to go.

The rest of the term

Here's the rest of the meets for this term for those of you who like to plan your caving -
* 8/9th February: SWales I
* 22/23nd February: Yorks V
* 8/9th March: Peak District

Gear Order

If you've been caving a few times now (and enjoyed it!!) then you'll probably want to start thinking about getting some of your own gear. This will save you from have to wear some old lag's worn out old cast-offs and will free up this gear for other new recruits. If enough people buy gear together, then we usually get a discount of 15-20% from Mr. Inglesport. The basic set of gear (oversuit, furry, helmet, kneepads, wetsocks, wellies and a belay belt) will probably cost around 130. Don't worry if you can't afford to do so, but it's well worth doing if you can - talk to the old lags about what to buy (if you've got a spare hour or two!).

Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner (the official one with bow ties and stuff) is going to be in Pembroke College on 1st March followed by a party somewhere. I've yet to confirm the menu so the cost is TBA but my guess is 20-25 - that's the going rate, but it will be worth every penny!! Oh yes - if anyone fancies being Dinner Lady then they're more than welcome.


If you weren't aware of it, CUCC spends four or so weeks in Austria each summer exploring as yet undiscovered cave passages - last year we found nearly 5km. Anyway it's jolly good fun (and there'll be lots more info later in the year) but if anyone has strong preferences as to which fours weeks it should be they should tell Haines. Also, I think Haines needs someone to be Expo treasurer - any takers???


There were innumerable funny things said in Majorca, but I forgot to write any of them down. Sorry.
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