Newsletter - Tuesday, 26 November, 1996

Yorks 2

After much faffing about on Friday, including the inevitable tour of the local villages, the minibus was full of gear, lags and cavers keen to get to the YSS-So we took them to Mike and Tina's party instead! A few trashed bookshelves and many hours later, we were in County by 2:30on Saturday, giving newcomers a lightning tour as distance-from-The-Plough-related trauma started to assert itself. Meanwhile, there was an old lags trip down Bull Pot, Kingsdale. The minibus arrived at the Club Dinner just before the food started, and found nearly 50 cavers, past, present (and future?) engaged in various amounts of reminiscence, half-chicken eating and gawping at the history display boards featuring pictures of James underground!-A clever fake by the CIA? Despite snow and a degree of lethargy from certain 'ultrakeen' ouigees, it was still possible to get underground earlier on Sunday. We foiled Sean's creditable jacking attempt by towing the Sensible Wagon out of it's resting place beneath an ice shelf, so Neil and Sean took a party down Long Churn while we made snow cavers and wandered around in the blizzard. A brief stop to jump-start Clive's car in Histon eliminated any danger of getting home before midnight, proving that I do indeed have what it takes to run a genuine CUCC-up of a caving meet.

Prince of Darkness 2?

Further evidence of Nick's malign influence, as not content with imbuing Paul with the desire to be slightly organised, he somehow caused your ever-reliable tacklemaster to hand out a couple of decidedly dodgy lights. Please give Matt your lamp hire money if you haven't already done so, in order to spare future generations from the insidious crap light curse.

Tackle Audit

This is in progress NOW so if you're putting tackle back, do so in the special area provided so it doesn't go uncounted.

Yorks III

A third visit to Yorkshire is pencilled in for the 7-8 December (i.e. outside of full term) - if sufficient (more than 2!!) people are interested then it will go ahead. (I don't care, I'm off to Majorca - Ed.)


"Do you carry snow shovels for this kind of thing?" - Jonathan, as Sean's car disappeared into another snowdrift.
"I'm full" - Julian (attrib.)
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