Newsletter - 5th November 1996

Mendip1 - 9/10 November

After much frantic phoning this afternoon, we will be staying in the Wessex Hut - which is a damn sight better than camping which I thought we might end up doing!! Sign up on the list if you want to go. If this will be your first weekend meet, and you are unsure about anything then just ask someone. Make sure that we know if you're veggie etc.

Yorks II - The very alternative dinner

Our actual 'alternative dinner' is held during the Easter term, but Jeremy is organising another dinner to be held at the Plough on Yorks II - 23/24 Nov. If enough people want to go to the dinner then we could camp (it probably won't be very cold!!) outside the pub on the Saturday night rather than having to drive back to the YSS hut. I think the dinner will cost about 12 and I'm assured that buys more food than you can possibly eat! Let Jeremy know if you want to go.

Open Air discount cards

I have now got the discount cards from Open Air - these entitle you to 10% off any purchase, but during 'Gear Week' you can get a massive 20% off!! And guess what, this week is Gear Week - well tomorrow and Thursday between 5.30 and 7.00pm. If your name is on the list AND YOU'VE PAID YOUR MEMBERSHIP then you can have a card tonight - if not then ask me and I'll sort you out with a card.


If you are not going to Mendips this weekend (why not?!!) then Neil and Dani are having a party this Saturday (I don't know what time). 165 Water St - opposite the Pike & Eel, Chesterton. PBAB


"... that cave I saw on the telly, the one where you go down on an electric chair" - Jonathan
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