Newsletter - 29th October 1996

Yorks I

We had to cancel the minibus, so underwhelmed were we by the number of novices anxious to go caving; so for once we made the pub before it shut. This enabled us to sit around and get pissed (Sam more so than others) until we found the key to the hut. Suprisingly everyone was up early on Saturday and raring to go; 3 trips were organised - Lancs, County and Ay Gill - one for each novice! After the compulsory visit to Mr. Inglerip (to hire wellies for the novices as JulianH had thoughtfully removed them from his car and put them tidily back in the tackle store) we went caving. County was WET, Ay Gill was WETTER and Lancs had a BIG LADDER. Coming out of County we had to haul an injured Durham caver back up the pitch, making clever use of Aggy's shiny new swing-cheek pulley he had bought that very morning (good for opening carbide tins too). Having rescued her we were then witness to a display of ranting by their leader, that even Rhino would be proud of. Despite resolutions to do anything but, everyone trooped across to the Bridge at 8pm and bought cheap and nasty beer from Mrs. Miserable. On Sunday we had two trips of 6 down Wretched Rabbit and the misleadingly named Mistral - a wretched cave if ever there was one, saved only by some amazing formations and a huge cavern full of mud! A pint and a burger in the Marton, signalled the end to a would-be perfect weekend if it wasn't for someone taking the YSS hut key home. Come on, own up - who did it?!!

Mendip1 - 9/10 November

Different place, different caves, more caving. If you want to see what Mendip has to offer by way of caves (or even scrumpy!) then stick your name down on the list - the details will be finalised in the pub next week.


Lunches are now in L5 Neville Court, Trinity from 1pm on Thursdays. If you're a bit peckish, come along - loads of food and cups of tea for 1.20.


It's about time we had a party so if you have a reasonably central house, or you don't live with the landlady from hell then how about organising a bonfire party?


"I have tried it with both sexes and it didn't work" - Becka
"I've got soggy fingers" - Clive, on arriving late in the Helwith Bridge. Don't get it? Well I guess you had to be there.
Cambridge University Caving Club
Newsletter - 29th October 1996
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