Newsletter - 27 September, 1996


Sam led a trip down Swildons which was jolly wet, although super-keen novice Dan managed to persuade Sam and I that it would be a good idea to go through the first sump. It probably was, but we had to run back out of the cave just to keep warm. Gill and Conor went to do an invalids' trip down GB, but were foiled by the knackered padlock on the entrance, so they went shopping in Wells!! Nick and Helen took Bruno and Earl down Longwood August, which was a little wetter and a lot smaller than Bruno had been led to believe. We somehow managed to spin out drinking tea and eating dinner until 7.30 which was deemed a respectable time to hit the pub. Everyone had a good laugh except for poor old Nick who had to sit in the corner watching Helen and her cousin discussing the state of various people's relationships. Back at the hut we sat around with some of the Wessex cavers playing with squeeze machines and various other instruments of torture until about 3am.

The complete lack of enthusiasm (from everyone but Dan) the next morning was not unexpected and we didn't manage to get over to Eastwater until 1pm. However it was horribly wet so Gill suggested we do the cave right next door to the hut - North Hill. NEVER, EVER GO THERE - IT'S COMPLETELY RUBBISH. After rigging a ladder from an agro-prop balanced across the top of an artificial concrete shaft, we descended into a miserable, unending flat-out crawl - but even this had taken 6 years of explosions to create! Bruno and Conor headed back out, whilst Dan and I continued a bit further in the hope of finding something interesting. Nope - it's uniformly crap!

Yorks II

Matthew is meet leader for Yorks II so let him know if you want to go - just to confirm, we are definitely staying in the YSS hut (not camping). If you want to go to Jeremy's dinner, but you haven't signed up yet then tell him or Matthew - its about 12 and should be really good.

Training Officer

I am reminded by Nick that we agreed at the AGM to sort out the post of Training Officer once term had started (i.e. now!). So if an old lag would be prepared to volunteer for the post, this would be great. It will involve taking charge of the SRT training sessions, so would need to be someone who could get into Cambridge at about weekly intervals for a couple of hours on KK.


"I can definitely say I have never been down this road before in my life" - Matthew. Well you have now, about 8 bloody times!
"Arrr, zees laddar - it smells of sheeet!" - Bruno, climbing a ladder covered in cow shit.

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